Medical Device And Cybersecurity, Learn How To Secure

Medical Device Cybersecurity, Learn How To Secure

Medical devices are quite vulnerable to security hacks mostly like other computer systems. However, the difference is that a cyber-attack not only impacts the safety and effectiveness of the medical device, it also endangers the health and even lives of patients who depend on medical devices.

Due to IoT massive connectivity, cybersecurity of medical devices has become a major critical area of concern. For integrating cybersecurity mitigation  and measures into medical devices and products, you will need to learn learn about key concepts, techniques, tools, risk assessment and management and strategies.

How medical devices are at cybersecurity risk?

Definitely, installing a PC security solutions won’t solve the security challenges of these devices. The problem is that cybersecurity measures that work for standard PCs aren’t necessarily good solutions for embedded machinery such as medical devices. Installing new software on the system in the field often requires a specialized upgrade process or is simply not supported. Medical devices are commonly optimized to minimize processing cycles and memory usage, so they lack extra processing resource.

As cybercriminals target embedded equipment such as medical devices, they often have detailed information about the device they are targeting and have sophisticated tools and skills that can be used to perform sensitive attacks.

Recommended Course For Securing Medical Devices From Cyber Assault

Tonex offers 2 days training on cybersecurity approach to medical devices. Learn medical device example. Tonex will show you tools for Deriving Security Functional Requirements Traceable to Controls used in RMF.

Tonex training approach will be helping you in these fields:

  • Identifying of assets, threats, and vulnerabilities.
  • Assessment / Impact of threats and vulnerabilities on device functionality,
  • Assessment of the likelihood of a threat and of a vulnerability being exploited
  • Determining the risk levels and selecting appropriate mitigation approaches.
  • Residual risk and risk acceptance scenerios.

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